Tap and Tag is a small business app that helps you create digital business cards and distribute them easily and have access to who you sent the card

Tap and Tag is the world's easiest way to share all your business and social information.

Tap and Tap


Tap and Tag

Share with a Tap Tap and Tag is a fast, affordable, digital business card that instantly shares your business and social information.

  • Share photos, videos, files or any other kind of document.

  • Make it easy for your customers to find your contact information with your cards and links page.

  • Bring your digital business card with you everywhere you go.

  • Digital wallet to store all of your cards and access to cash in an instant

features of tap and tag

  • user friendly

    With Tap and Tag, you can instantly share all your business and social information with anyone, anywhere. No more digging through your pockets for scraps of paper!

  • Quick Sharing

    Make your business more approachable with this digital business card, share your contact information and social media easily.

  • high performance

    Store and share contact details with ease. Never miss a business opportunity again because of lack of contact information.

  • 100% secure

    Never miss a business opportunity again because of lack of internet with tap and tag you can receive payment wirelessly

  • unlimited features

    Securely store and share your contact information, links, content, and digital assets

  • support

    Tap and Tag is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and you can contact us to learn more



Free Feature


Per Year
  • Create your profile
  • Real Time sharing
  • contact links
  • Social media links
  • Music links
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Premium Features


Per month
  • unlimited links
  • Real Time sharing
  • payment links
  • Crypto links
  • Customise links
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