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Describe Tap and Tag

The best method to share all of your social media and company information is with Tap and Tag. Through our app and selection of NFC tags, we are here to provide you a wide choice of effective services.

It's easy. Purchase a Tag, and when it is delivered, create a Tap and Tag Profile. You can post your contact information, social media handles, profile photo, brand logo, and customized bio to your profile. What you include in your profile is completely up to you. After creating your profile, you can TAP your Tap and Tag off a phone to share it. To rapidly share your contact information and social network accounts with others, use Tap and Tag's cutting-edge NFC technology.

Tap and Tag can help you improve your networking and will make a lasting impression on everyone you encounter, whether you are a student, artist, entrepreneur, model, influencer, athlete, or photographer.

By touching your tag with a compatible smartphone, you may instantly share your social media, contact information, website music, payment platforms, and more! Tap and Tag is a little adhesive tag that is placed on the rear of your phone. To obtain your information, the other party does not require an app or a Tap and Tag. 

You are free to share: 

A particular link (like your Instagram profile)

Your business card (automatically includes all of your links)

Your profile on Tap and Tag (allows someone to choose from all your links)

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Get Our Special Edition in a Bundle Pack

Tap and Tag

1 Digital Business Card Tag

2 Digital Business Card Tags

3 Digital Business Card Tags

Share photos, videos, files or any other kind of document.

Make it easy for your customers to find your contact information with your cards and links page.

Bring your digital business card with you everywhere you go.

Digital wallet to store all of your cards and access to cash in an instant

Stop spending money on business card

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User friendly

Quick Sharing

Make your business more approachable with this digital business card, share your contact information and social media easily.

High performance

100% secure

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Securely store and share your contact information, links, content, and digital assets

Unlimited features

Tap and Tag is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and you can contact us to learn more

Save to use

You can add and remove your information any time.

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We have your back

We would like you to like our Tag, but if you don't, Tap and Tag provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

From our people to our goods, we're dedicated to giving you the finest experience so you can do more of what you love and enjoy it even more.

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Why you should buy Tap and Tag

Tap and Tag turns your phone into a digital business card that can be sent and accessed. It's the perfect way to store, share, and grow your social media.