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Frequently Asked Questions About NFC Tag

Smart devices have become incredibly popular in recent years. And the more we can use smart devices to engage with our surroundings, the more powerful they become. Near-field communication (NFC) is one of the components that enables devices to interact with each other and exchange data, which is essential for a seamless user experience for connected living.

Two gadgets can connect wirelessly thanks to near-field communication technology. To enable data transfer between neighboring mobile phones, computers, tablets, and other electronics, the technology can be integrated into a small tag.
Due to the one- and two-way communication capabilities of NFC devices, this technology has an advantage in use scenarios where transactions depend on data from two different devices (e.g., card payments). NFC technology is the backbone of mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and other contactless payment options. Therefore, NFC tags effectively improve communication.

NFC has been around in the technological world for a while; in 2006, Nokia released the first phone with NFC capabilities. But this technology has only recently become more popular. When businesses realized that NFC was a key enabler of a contactless future, NFC's popularity skyrocketed. Between March 2019 and June 2020, contactless payments increased by 150% in the US alone; this surge was partly attributed to the epidemic. Originally intended for minor purchases, contactless technology is now among the most widely used ways to pay using a mobile device. Today, 20% of the world's population has access to NFC, and there are more than 2 billion NFC-capable gadgets.

Like other RFID tags, NFC tags utilize radio waves to communicate. Information is sent between two devices—the NFC tag and the NFC reader—in NFC data exchange format. In order to turn on the antenna in a receiving device, an NFC tag transmits radio waves. To complete the information exchange, the recipient verifies the provided information. The technique only functions over a 4 inch distance, which is extremely short. NFC tags are powered by another device, such as a smartphone, and operate without a battery.

To reduce unintentional transactions, an NFC reader only connects to one NFC tag at once. NFC chips exchange encrypted data while making a purchase. A smartphone can hold card information and then function like a regular card. It enables users to pay without carrying multiple cards in their wallets — all cards can be stored on the smartphone.

The best method to share all of your social media and company information is with Tap and Tag. Through our app and selection of NFC tags, we are here to provide you a wide choice of effective services.
It's easy. Purchase a Card, and when it is delivered, create a Tap and Tag Profile. You can post your contact information, social media handles, profile photo, brand logo, and customized bio to your profile. What you include in your profile is completely up to you. After creating your profile, you can TAP your Tap and Tag off a phone to share it. To rapidly share your contact information and social network accounts with others, use Tap and Tag's cutting-edge NFC technology.

Tap and Tag can help you improve your networking and will make a lasting impression on everyone you encounter, whether you are a student, artist, entrepreneur, model, influencer, athlete, or photographer.
By touching your tag with a compatible smartphone, you may instantly share your social media, contact information, website music, payment platforms, and more! Tap and Tag is a little adhesive tag that is placed on the rear of your phone. To obtain your information, the other party does not require an app or a Tap and Tag.

You are free to share:

  • ●  A particular link (like your Instagram profile)
  • ●  Your business card (automatically includes all of your links)
  • ●  Your profile on Tap and Tag (allows someone to choose from all your links)

1. Get the Apple App Store's Tap and Tag app.
2. Make a profile in the application.
4. Include the profile link(s) you want to share in the app (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc). 5. Use a smartphone to tap your Tap and Tagto quickly share you

• The rear of your phone's bottom on iPhones and most Android devices

• Samsung Galaxy & Note: your phone's top rear
Before sticking your Tap and Tag on your phone, check the placement. Your phone will read its own tag if it is placed incorrectly and keep notifying you.

No, however they may be placed anywhere. Tap and Tag needs to be activated and configured using a phone. Therefore, you may use a Tap and Tag anywhere you might typically see a QR code, such as:

  • ●  Restaurant tables
  • ●  Store windows
  • ●  Reception and checkout counters
  • ●  Laptops

Yes. With your account in the Tap and Tag app, you can activate an unlimited number of Tap and Tag cards.

Any case's exterior can be used for Tap and Tag. If it fits, Tap and Tag will function with the majority of phone cases, even those that accommodate credit cards. Your Tap and Tag might not function under a layer of metal in your case (or a metal credit card).

Look for "NFC" in the settings of your phone. Ensure that it is turned on.

The recipient can download your contact card straight to their contacts, yes. Your Name, Phone Number, Email, and URL will be saved to your profile.

Yes, it's simple to update all of your information in real time. To make any changes, just log in to your Tap and Tag profile.

To keep your data secure at all times, we only collaborate with the most reliable partners. Physical, operational, and software safeguards are all used by AWS to secure and harden our infrastructure.

iPhone: Tap the top of the recipient's phone's back with your Tap and Tag Digital Business Card. Make sure the screen on the phone you are receiving is on and not off.

No, WIFI is not required for Tap and Tag to function. However, the individual tapping to your Tap and Tag will require an internet connection of some kind.

No, you'll never need to charge your Tap and Tag. Please be advised that touching magnets will harm the antenna.

If you take good care of Tap and Tag, it will endure for a long time. It will last as long as you have your Tap and Tag member page, provided it is unharmed and doesn't go through the washing machine. Please be advised that touching magnets will harm the antenna.

Yes, you can link apps to your Tap and Tag. All you need to do is visit the Program Store, choose the app you want to link to your Tap and Tag, copy the URL, and paste it there.

Yes! An individual who has tapped or shared your Tap and Tag profile will have the ability to "download" your contact card. Your Tap and Tag device will be used to transfer your Tap and Tag Profile once it has been configured. A link to your Tap and Tag profile will appear as a notification on the other person's phone with only one tap. Their mobile device's browser will open this URL immediately. They will then have the option of instantly saving the contact to their phone. Simply hassle-free contact sharing, the way networking was designed to be, without the need to install an app.

People you interact with can download your contact information directly to their phones using the "Download to Contact" option on your Tap and Tag. To fully download your contact information, the other party will need to choose "Create New Contact" at the bottom of the screen if they are using an iPhone.

It has not been properly activated if your Tap and Tag gadget or QR code navigates to a "Profile not found" page. To remedy this:
1. Launch the Tap and Tag programme.
2. Log out and re-log in

3. After logging back in, select "Activate a Tap and Tag Device" under settings. Choose the Tap and Tag product you want to activate, then go through each step until you get a success message.

Wireless charging shouldn't have any impact on the device as long as your Tap and Tagis positioned away from the phone's charging port (an iPhone's MagSafe ring, for example). However, if a Tap and Tagis positioned inside the charging area or very near it, the Tap and Tagcan stop functioning. To prevent this, we suggest putting your Tap and Tag on the back of your phone as far away from your wireless charger as you can.

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